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ManServants taps into concept of ‘emotional labor’

By BizWest Staff

DENVER — A company that provides men to work for women as personal assistants, stand-in boyfriends and butlers has gained traction in Denver. Dala Khajah and Josephine Wai Lin co-founded ManServants to give women a fantasy on their own terms, according to a report in the Denver Post. They found that women didn’t really want male strippers at their parties or workplaces, but men trained to give them what they want — nonsexually, of course. ManServants was created three years ago, and in the past year has doubled sales, according to the Post report. In the process, Khajah said, the company inadvertently has amassed the “largest database of nonsexual women’s fantasies ever” — a sort of Kinsey Report minus the dirt. “We’ve stumbled upon an interesting sociological experiment that has begun to show us what modern women really want from the opposite sex,” Khajah, 28, said. “They want to feel connected and catered to, and they also want to have a good time with their girlfriends and to feel like queens for a day.”

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