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NCCAR Members Pay $70/mo for Catylist Commercial Property Database. Non-members pay $195/mo

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Colorado commercial real estate brokers can access building inventory, search sale & lease availabilities, review comps, send broadcast emails, post needs & wants, view tenant rosters and generate dozens of reports.  Contact Catylist NOW for FREE admin login.


Beginning in January, Catylist will share all member listings on a public national listing platform There will be no additional fee to our subscribers for this service.

Be sure your offices are copying Catylist ( when sending out your listings, flyers and spreadsheets.  If you want your properties to be seen, PLEASE send your listings to Catylist….it’s FREE.

For questions and onsite training, contact: Aaron Knight; 303-503-1657 or Steve Golin; 303-476-1055

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