Wana Brands to sell its products in Michigan


By Jensen Werley

BOULDER — Wana Brands is expanding into another state. The Boulder-based edibles company has partnered with High Life Farms to bring its products to Michigan. “We chose to license Wana products to High Life Farms because they are proven operators with a very strong team and a great facility,” Nancy Whiteman, CEO and founder of Wana, said in a prepared statement. “We know from their experience and portfolio of other high-quality cannabis products, this is the team that will be effective in distributing Wana products throughout the state of Michigan.” She added that Michigan has strong potential for success. The state has new regulations for cannabis going into effect on Jan. 1. There are already 300,000 residents with a medical-use card and the state’s $1.7 billion adult-use program is expected to come online in 2020. “Michigan has nearly double the population of Colorado and already has established a solid medical marijuana patient base,” she said. “If you add in the state’s reasonable regulatory framework and tax structuring, Michigan becomes an important Midwest position for any cannabis company aiming for national coverage.” Wana Brands’ gummies will be available in Michigan medical dispensaries in 2019. Each package of various strains and flavors contains 10 gummies that are each 10 milligrams of THC. Wana said it expects to release some of its other products — Wana Drops, WanaCaps and disposable vapes — by 2020. “We knew Wana Brands was well aligned with High Life Farms’ desire to deliver a premium product and we’re looking forward to adding the brand to our offerings,” said Jason Pasko, COO of High Life Farms, in a statement. “High Life Farms understands the importance of delivering medical marijuana patients quality and consistency they can count on. We test our products to ensure the safety of our patients.” Wana Brands products are available in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona and soon will be available in Illinois and Florida as well as Michigan.

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