Boulder to offer incentives to businesses that convert to reusable materials

BOULDER — The city of Boulder and Partners for a Clean Environment will offer incentives to businesses that switch from disposable materials such as paper cups or plates to reusable items.

They also will support businesses as they adjust to new compost rules that restrict depositing of paper products in compost bins.

“These changes present an opportunity to speed up our transition away from single-use products, like disposable food containers,” Jamie Harkins, the city’s sustainability senior manager of circular economies, said in a press statement. “This pivot has already started in our community, but we need more diners, events, restaurants and other food businesses on board. We hope these incentives will do just that.”

According to the press statement, the newest incentive is a one-time refund for buying reusable solutions. The refund will cover up to 70% of total costs up to $2,000. Reusable solutions include but are not limited to dishwashers, durable dishware, returnable or reusable takeout containers, and online systems for reuse services.

Businesses interested in the refund must fill out an online application. Funds are limited and will be awarded to businesses that show how their solution will reduce single-use items.

Source: BizWest

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