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[Link] Array Biopharma gets positive clinical results

BOULDER — Array Biopharma Inc. (Nasdaq: ARRY) announced updated safety and efficacy results for their Phase 3 clinical trial evaluating the triplet combination of Braftovi, Mektovi and Erbitux. The treatment is being used in patients with BRAF-mutant metastatic cancer. Braftovi, also called encorafenib, is a BRAF inhibitor. BRAF is the human gene that encodes the B-raf protein, which when mutated can cause cancer. Mektovi, or binimetinib, is a MEK inhibitor: it inhibits the mitogen-activated protein kinase enzymes that can be overactive in some cancers. Both are developed by Array. Erbitux, or cetuximab, is an anti-EGFR antibody developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb. The results showed that there was a mature median overall survival of 15.3 months, a significant improvement over the historial benchmark of about four to six months with the approved standard of care. The triplet combination was generally well-tolerated with no unexpected toxicities. Array said it is now conducting an interim analysis that could lead to accelerated approval for the drug combination. Following the announcement, Array’s stock price jumped to $18.14 per share premarket, before settling back to $17.12 at time of publication.

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[Link] Brewmented

Brewmented’s homebrew shop features grain from all over the world and is designed to be spacious and welcoming to attract homebrew beginners. BizWest/Jensen Werley.

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