Centers for Gastroenterology still performing procedures at Skyline

LOVELAND – It’s business as usual at Skyline Endoscopy Center in Loveland.

Recent news about the planned March 31 closure of the Banner Surgery Center’s location in the Skyline Medical Pavilion,  2555 E. 13th St., created some confusion among patients for Skyline Endoscopy Center. While the two practices are housed in the same Skyline Medical Pavilion, their services and physicians are different. Skyline Endoscopy Center is staffed by providers from the Centers for Gastroenterology.

“Nothing has changed for Skyline Endoscopy,” said Michelle Schmitt, CEO of Skyline Endoscopy Center, in a prepared statement. “Each day since the news broke, we’ve received dozens of calls from patients who think we are closing. These callers ask if they need to cancel their appointment with us, and wonder where they should go and what they need to do.”

In a statement issued Wednesday by Skyline Endoscopy Center, it asked patients with appointments there to “please know that your CFG doctor is seeing patients and performing procedures as scheduled. We understand that the misconception that Skyline Endoscopy Center is closing has concerned many, and we most sincerely apologize for any confusion.”

Schmitt clarified that only physicians affiliated with the Centers for Gastroenterology use Skyline

Endoscopy’s facilities and that Banner physicians do not provide services at Skyline Endoscopy.

“CFG is fully operational and will continue utilizing Skyline Endoscopy for its Loveland endoscopic procedures,” said Kevin Seeley, CEO of Centers for Gastroenterology. “Banner Health closing its Skyline Surgery location has absolutely no impact on CFG or Skyline Endoscopy. CFG will continue offering its full range of services as it has for 40 years.”

The Banner Surgery Center at Suite 200 in that building, the only facility closing there, is shifting its patients to the Loveland Surgery Center, less than four miles away at 3800 Grant Ave., or to Banner’s surgery center at 5890 W. 13th St., Suite 102, in Greeley.

Source: BizWest

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