CU, CSU, Woodward among state’s 2022 patent leaders

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Colorado raked in 1,202 patents in 2022 from 396 companies, according to federal data. Here are the 10 companies awarded the most:

The Regents of the University of Colorado: 90

The university system with four campuses ranked No. 1 with a total of 90 patents awarded. Anyone at the university, including students, can file for a patent. If approved, the university strikes a revenue-sharing agreement.

“We’ve had some (patents) that have been incredibly lucrative for all concerned,” spokesman Ken McConnellogue said. “We are a non-profit; obviously all the money coming in the door helps. Typically with revenue from things like patents, it’s a directive revenue stream.”

Palantir Technologies: 79 

Palantir, a software firm that moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Denver in 2020, pulled in 79 patents. The company creates technology that holds and protects high volumes of data, serving the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Army Research Laboratory and other customers. 

Palantir had patents approved for systems that analyze electronic communication, monitor software services and enforce security on data platforms. 

Alliance for Sustainable Energy: 57

The Alliance for Sustainable Energy, formed by companies Battelle and MRIGlobal, had 57 patents approved. 

Alliance for Sustainable Energy is the management and operating contractor for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and works to deliver energy-efficient and renewable-energy solutions for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Dish Network: 48

The satellite television company was awarded 48 patents pertaining to technological and user advancements. For example, a patent invented by Mohammed Rasool aids in multichannel streaming and channel changing. 

KPN Innovations: 46

KPN Innovations had 46 patents approved — the majority invented by Kenneth Neumann — that pertained to health, environmental and communication technology, among many other categories. 

KPN Innovations invests in tech companies to help innovate infrastructure and reach more customers. 

Level 3 Communications: 45

Level 3 Communications, a telecommunications and internet provider company that was acquired by CenturyLink (now Lumen Technologies), was awarded 45 patents. 

Patents related to ways to reduce energy consumption, monitoring web-services and content delivery. 

Dish Wireless: 30

Dish Wireless, a wireless provider owned by Dish Network, was awarded 30 patents, some of which improve systems and methods used for wireless performance and communication.

Woodward: 25

Woodward is a Colorado-based designer, manufacturer and provider of energy control and optimization for aerospace companies. According to the website, Woodward helps its customers reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and find alternative energy sources. 

It patented an electro-hydraulic servo valve, an ultrasonic mass fuel flow meter and other systems. 

Colorado State University Research Foundation: 23

Colorado State University’s Research Foundation helps students and faculty patent their intellectual property. 

The foundation was awarded 23 patents last year, many of which were scientifically driven. For example, the foundation patented a method to diagnose active tuberculosis, detect harmful algal blooms and a treatment for canine cancer. 

Dish Technologies: 23

Dish Technologies, which creates TV and satellite equipment for Dish Network, tied with CSU Research Foundation with 23 patents. Some patents included different methods for facilitating content, wireless configurations and new methods for content presentation. 

View a spreadsheet of patents awarded to Colorado firms here.

Source: BizWest

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