First Nations gets $1.35M grant from Henry Luce Foundation

By Lucas High

LONGMONT — First Nations Development Institute, a Longmont-based nonprofit group that assists Native American tribes, recently received a two-year, $1.35-million grant from the Henry Luce Foundation. “The foundation advances its mission through grantmaking and leadership programs in the fields of Asia, higher education, religion and theology, art, and public policy,” according to the Henry Luce Foundation website. The grant funding for First Nations will be used for intellectual leadership in Native American communities. “The beauty of this project is that it will support and convene community leaders — from cultural and community intellectuals working to perpetuate traditional arts, Native languages and foods, to intellectual leaders working on economic development, climate change and other contemporary or Western manifestations of intellectual leadership,” First Nations CEO Michael Roberts said in a statement. “We hope that by investing in Native leadership, Indigenous knowledge and knowledge systems will be supported for the benefit of Native communities and beyond.”

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