Greeley utility-rate adjustments take effect Jan. 1

GREELEY – The city of Greeley has approved utility rates for 2023, including an increase to stormwater, sewer and water rates. The fees, which take effect Jan. 1, are designed to help the city provide safe, reliable water to residents.

Erik Dial, Greeley’s deputy director of utility finance and customer service, said the new rates help the water department meet new state and federal regulations on treated wastewater.

“We kept the water rates reasonable while still funding projects critical to our growth,” Dial said. “Our water system will continue to be reliable. Public health is very important.”

Most residents will see their bill increase about $8.67, according to a city-issued news release, including $1.83 for water, $4.71 for sewer and $2.13 for stormwater.

The water-rate increase covers major water-supply and storage projects, although officials spaced out the timing of several projects to minimize the rate increase.

The sewer-rate increase is designed to meet new federal and state regulations for a more intensive wastewater-treatment process.

The stormwater rate increase is to help finance improvements to the drain system, including larger pipes to remain rainwater.

The estimates are based on an average-sized house and yard. Weather, property size and type of watering also affect residents’ bills.

Source: BizWest

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