Ssshhh! Boulder ranks among top 20 peaceful cities

BOULDER – The city at the base of the Flatirons has won yet another quality-of-life recognition, placing 16th in the nation on Money Inc.’s list of the top 20 peaceful places to live in the United States,

“The fact that Boulder, Colorado, is well-known as a center for marijuana is only one reason that people consider it one of the more relaxed cities in the nation,” MoneyINC wrote. “Boulder also has excellent working conditions, health care, and is a great place for entrepreneurs to establish themselves.”

The article also noted Boulder’s proximity to opportunities for winter sports, adding that “if skiing, skating and cross-country skiing are on your list of activities, then you’ll have more than you can handle in Boulder.”

Green Banks, West Virginia, finished tops on the list, which considered sound economics, good schools, fun activities and opportunities for relaxation.

Source: BizWest

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