Study: Boulder is best paying small metro for working women

BOULDER — Working women earn a higher median wage in the Boulder metropolitan area than in any other small city in the, according to a new study by Smartest Dollar, a research firm that bills itself as helping “consumers and businesses make informed financial choices.”

Women who work full time in the Boulder metro area earn an adjusted median wage of $64,531 annually, compared with the national median of $49,263. The metropolitan area includes all of Boulder County.

“The share of women working full time, which had been growing steadily since 2011, began to decline during the COVID-19 pandemic when unreliable child care and remote learning put more caregiving responsibilities on women’s shoulders,” the study said. “But for those who have continued in the workforce, wage growth has accelerated—though women’s earnings are stronger in certain parts of the country than others.”

Grand Junction was the only other small Colorado metropolitan area to crack the Smartest Dollar’s top 15, coming in at the 13th best area for women’s pay.

Source: BizWest

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