Sunflower’s school charitable program underway

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DENVER — Sunflower Bank N.A.’s annual signature charitable program — ABC Program — is underway through March 31 at Sunflower banks throughout the region. Sunflower has banks in Broomfield, Boulder and Longmont in the Boulder Valley. The bank provides money to benefit local K-12 students and their schools by making donations based on every Spend & Sign & Save checking and savings account package opened and registered to a participating school, and through “Cash for Swipes” when school-registered debit cards are used for signature transactions. In addition, Sunflower Bank branches invite all students to bring their report cards to their local branch for a chance to earn up to $100 for their As. Five report card winners per branch are chosen from entries by students. This year registered schools receive a matching donation if one of their student’s report cards are chosen. “We believe in solving problems and making possibilities a reality for our customers and our communities,” Mollie Carter, chairman of Sunflower Bank, said in a written statement. “In 2001 we recognized that Sunflower Bank could meet an important need by helping provide funds to our local schools and motivate students for scholastic achievement. This is why we continue to expand the ABC Program each year through outreach to new schools and communities.” Since 2001, Sunflower has raised more than $1.2 million for local schools and students. About 300 schools in Sunflower’s region are involved.

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